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What is BRAGi eyewear?

Customized eyewear brand

BRAGi, a personal customized eyewear brand, is aimed at providing customers with customized glasses, combining with best optometric correction, excellent wearing experience and perfect aesthetic effect.

As the most mature professional leading-edge customized eyewear brand, BRAGi eyewear integrates 3D scanning, parametric design and 3D printing technology to customize the eyewear.

What is BRAGi eyewear?

Everyone’s facial structure is unique,

so every frame should also based on every customers’ scanning data.

Since its establishment,BRAGi has provided customized eyewear for more than 30,000 consumers, spreading to more than 10 countries and 600 retail stores.

3D scanning

BRAGi uses 3D scanning technology to obtain facial data and to build the facial 3D model.

BRAGi scanning system, developed only for customized eyewear, can accurately identify 72 key points on the face, providing a professional basis for frame design.

Parametric Design

BRAGi provides bespoke eyewear for every customers based on their facial 3D models, There are more than 20 different parameters of BRAGi eyewear can be adjusted, including frame size, nose bridge width, temple length, and so on. All these parameters count together to ensure the perfect fit.

3D Printing

BRAGi eyewear uses the world’s leading German 3D printing equipment and imported medical bio-printing materials to realizes the digitalized precise manufacturing. “What you get is the design”, which guarantees the minimum deviation between the finished product and design of the eyewear.