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Bespoke your own glassescolor

3 unique characteristics

Extreme lightness

BRAGI 3D material has been practically used in medical industry. all frames are extreme light to flow on water. BRAGI take account into the ergonomic design idea and people wear at well balanced fit will feel extreme comfort with crystal clear vision.

Extreme comfort

BRAGI 3D scanner can measure precisely at 0.1 mm and fit with customer facial characteristic. BRAGI eyewear adapt each frame to match each customers’ face.

Extreme precise correction

With precise pupil distance and fitting height, BRAGI spectacle are all located best fit on customers face, customers will have a wonderful steady visual experience.

Brand Introduction

BRAGI eyewear is the combination of 3D scanning, parametric design and 3D printing technology together to bespoke eyewear for customers. BRAGI focus on prescription eyeglasses for customers.

We believe everyone should have a tailor make eyewear because we discover a lot of people is wearing uncomfortable eyewear therefore they cannot see properly and affecting their life. BRAGI is their upgrade solution for eyewear consumers.

BRAGI inherits the diverse elements of brand technology, fashion trend, classic styles and trend design. Its unparalleled appearance and touch feeling are realized through special technical processing. The style is unique, which makes the perfect combination of vanguard and functionality.

BRAGI focus on the needs from the market

we develop 5 different series: CM, LM, TQ, YM, RM

CM series

Basic style, suitable for everyone

LM series

Adult sport to wear

TQ series

Special design for BRAGI kids

Our Advantage

Strength Brand Professional Skills Technical Talents Innovative Technology Never stop

Excellent product quality

Rich production experience

Complete after-sales service

Quality assurance of source materials

Superb production process

Professional vision background